Ayurvedic Skincare: A wholesome approach to maintain healthy, younger looking skin


Ayurveda is the oldest, continually practiced form of natural medicine in the world. Originating over 5, 000 years ago, this concept focuses on body-mind wholeness and wellness of the individual, created through balancing three biological energies (doshas).  Lifestyle choices that include proper diet, nutrition and hydration, physical activity and self-care, optimize digestion to maintain balance. The goal of products containing Ayurvedic ingredients is to maintain overall wellness through prevention and healing and  to develop an attractive external appearance.  Ayurveda establishes the highest standards in the theory of a natural, plant-based skincare routine that can restore a clear and beautiful complexion.

The Three Doshas of Ayurveda:

  1. Vata dosha is expressed in all motion and communication.  Vata rules the flow of the breath and communication throughout the mind and nervous system. Characteristics of vata imbalance include frequent hunger, irregular sleep patterns, fast-paced gait, and emotional outburst
  2. Pitta dosha is expressed in understanding, metabolism, heat production, digestion and energy production. Characteristics of pitta imbalance include dominating and self-determined, punctuality and fitful sleep.
  3. Kapha dosha provides stability and structure and balances fluid by hydrating cells and systems, lubricating joints, moisturizing skin, and protecting tissues. Characteristics of kapha imbalance include empathy, emotional eating, sleep inertia and passivity.

Imbalances of the doshas may be caused by inadequate diet, acid reflux, anxiety, headaches, stress and/or trauma, as well as lifestyle choices that can affect skin appearance, overall health and cause disease.

How do imbalanced doshas affect skin health and how can they be corrected with Exquis Ayurvedic skincare products?

Exquis moisturizers effectively hydrate dry or rough skin associated with Vata imbalance, restoring softness.

Exquis moisturizers calm, cool and neutralize inflamed skin and rashes attributed to Pitta imbalance.

Exquis moisturizers restore oily skin, seen in Kapha imbalance, to its normal state.

Exquis Skincare products combine traditional Ayurvedic actives including turmeric, neem, aloe vera, basil, and sandalwood.  These ingredients are well known and traditionally used for their extensive soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial healing properties.  The potent, plant-based actives calm breakouts soothe painful skin irritations and hydrate dry skin to achieve balanced, brighter-looking and healthier skin.The wide-ranged effects of Exquis Skincare products are derived from a specific, formulated blend of antioxidants, moisturizers and vitamins that are beneficial to even the most sensitive skin.  In Ayurveda, skin is considered a manifestation of inner health.  Exquis Skincare products balance and support skin health to prevent signs of premature aging and achieve the appearance of vibrant, healthy, and supple skin.  

Author:  Allison Dooley, Skincare evaluator

A daily skincare routine and a clean diet are two of the most important tips for achieving beautiful skin.


Skin is constantly under construction; developing good nutritional habits will keep it repaired and healthy. Many of the best foods for healthy skin are also beneficial to overall health and should include a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein foods, whole grain carbohydrates, low fat dairy products and all plant-based foods.

The main function of the skin is to act as a barrier to infection and disease. The skin works hard to protect our bodies,Although external factors can negatively impact the skin’s condition and impair its ability to defend against harmful substances. Skin changes are often the first visible manifestation of the aging process, defect, or disease. Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors associated with reducing the occurrence of skin disease and promoting healing. Micro-nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, are essential components of skin structure and function for daily maintenance. An impaired nutritional status alters structural integrity and biology, resulting in an abnormal skin barrier.

A primary cause of skin aging is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight.  Other lifestyle factors such as dehydration, malnutrition, smoking, stress, poor sleep habits and excessive alcohol consumption also contribute to aging skin.  These repetitive, deficient lifestyle choices cause cellular damage.  Oxidative stress occurs when an oxygen molecule splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons, known as free radicals.  This damage weakens living cells and tissues leaving skin and overall health vulnerable to premature aging.  Antioxidants protect the skin by reducing and counteracting free radical production.  The impact of poor nutrition on skin health is demonstrated by the incidence of skin disorders associated with nutritional deficiencies.

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Author: Allison is deeply passionate about her work in clinical dentistry. She thoroughly enjoys creating smiles and helping people. Her other interests include evaluating skincare products.

Eczema Therapy: Highly Effective skincare

Eczema is the most common type of inflammatory skin disease (dermatitis), often appearing as a rash on the face or in the bend of elbows and/or knees. Until now Eczema can be treated to manage symptoms but cannot be cured; Now Exquis Skincare has developed highly effective treatment for eczema.  Now eczema can be cured by using Exquis Eczema Therapy

The outermost skin layer (epidermis) functions as a protective barrier that regulates moisture and prevents harmful substances (pathogens) from penetrating the skin. Eczema-prone skin retains less moisture than healthy skin, resulting in dryness due to poor skin barrier function. When moisture loss occurs, skin is more vulnerable to irritants, triggering an overactive immune response that results in clinical symptoms of eczema.     it is not contagious or easily transmitted.

Symptoms of Eczema:

  • Dry, sensitive skin
  • Itchy, red and  inflamed skin
  • Dark colored patches
  • Rough, scaly and thickened skin
  • Scabbed patches

Scratching itchy skin worsens eczema, resulting in skin oozing and scabbing. The goal of eczema treatment is to manage symptoms of flare-ups and to relieve and/or prevent itchy skin. A good skin care regimen is important in maintaining healthy skin and preventing eczema flares.

For best results, I recommend using Eczema Therapy followed by Ultra Rich Moisturizer.  Exquis Skincare has developed Eczema Therapy that relieves the symptoms of eczema including dryness, itchiness, irritation, and rough patches. Exquis highly effective skincare products are available online at https://www.exquisskincare.com/x/

Author: Allison is deeply passionate about her work in clinical dentistry.  She thoroughly enjoys creating smiles and helping people. Her other interests include evaluating skincare products.