Eyes Eyes Baby – Its summer time!!

6 ways to keep your eyes younger looking and healthy  this season.

1) Wear sunglasses

We already know that we must protect our skin from the Ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Prolonged exposure to these UV rays of the sun can cause photo conjunctivitis, cataracts development and cancer of the eyelids. Wear sunglasses that offer 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Remember to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days.

2) Wear goggles while swimming

Swimming pool water contains chlorine that protects you from germs, but it can also cause irritation of the eyes. Prolonged exposure to chlorine can cause corneal abrasion and other eye injuries. Wear goggles even if you are going to take a swim at the beach, as the water may contain certain contaminants that may irritate the eyes.

3) Wear hats

Not only do they add style to your outfit, they can provide complete protection to your eyes from the UV rays. Sunglasses are helpful, but they have gaps, especially at the sides and therefore UVR exposure can occur. Wear a hat with a brim which is at least 3 inches wide.

4) Eye drops

Despite your best attempts, you might need eye drops to minimize pain or irritation occurring in your eyes.  You can try out ketotifen eye drops for the same. However, it is important to consult a qualified Ophthalmologist.

5)  Wash eyes with cold water

Summer heat can causes dryness of the eyes. Remember to gently wash your eyes with cold water to moisturize and soothe them. Stay hydrated.

6) Use a good moisturizer

Squinting, ageing and dryness can cause wrinkles around the eyes. Hence applying a good moisturizer keeps the skin around the eyes healthy. Try Exquis Beautiful Eyes Cream . It contains natural actives like Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Avocado and neem that helps in softening the wrinkles around the eyes and reducing dark circles, puffiness and surface discolorations; giving you a radiant look!

~ Mayuri K




Summer is great – vacation, a more flexible schedule (hopefully), dinners al fresco, fewer clothes, and more skin! We want our summer skin to be smooth, even in color, touchable and great looking. Instead, we often end up with cracked feet,

sunburns, uneven tan lines, and sun damage. And, sometimes, even worse – rashes, bites, and weird-looking self-tanner. To avoid these pitfalls, and get summer skin that’s worth showing off, pay attention to these 5 skin essentials:

1. Take care of your feet. Get that pedicure, but you can also ask your doc about using a prescription urea cream (40% urea, like X-Viate) — it works really well to smooth those heels.

2. Stay safe in the sun. Use the expensive high-zinc (10-18%) sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. You can use the drugstore stuff on the rest of your body, but be sure to reapply – don’t let yourself burn.

3. Smooth skin all over. You can do this in the shower, but it’s more effective in a bath:

• Put 2 cups of Epsom salt or other mineral salts in a warm – not hot – bath and soak for 5-10 min

• Scrub your body with your favorite salt or sugar scrub, using moderate pressure, and rinse

• Apply a gentle facial scrub on your head and neck area • Use a long handled, natural bristle brush for your back

• Dry off and lotion everywhere, preferably with a lotion or body oil that has natural oils in it.  For face and neck area use Exquis Ultra Rich Moisturizer

4. Even-out your self-tanner. Do a scrub before you self-tan! If at home, follow the directions above including the lotion and then wait 10 minutes before you use the self-tanner. You know where those spots are that pick up extra color, so as soon as you get the tanner applied all over, use Q tips and some alcohol to the spots where you don’t want the extra color. If you are getting sprayed, use a spot of petroleum jelly on each of those areas just before the spray.

5. Avoid weird tan lines. If you use your sunscreen, you really shouldn’t have these. But if get them anyway, then cover up more with a cute summer shirt, a rash guard, a wetsuit, or swim tights.