Art & Science of True Perfection

Through the ages, beauty has been pursued by countless women -all searching for the one secret to unchanging perfection. The ebb and flow of time was found not to be what dictates skin perfection. Instead the fine balance of smoothness, clearness, radiance, firmness and few lines was discovered to be what truly embodies a perfection that will stand the test of time. And Exquis’ Liposome dermal delivery system containing over 30 essential skin nutrients was proven to be the source of this timeless beauty. It works deep into the skin to make the 5 dimensions of perfection a crystal clear reality. The miracle now held the promise of perfection – one with the power to take the breath away, now and forever.

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Ayurvedic A New/Ancient Healing System

These days, Ayurveda is a buzz worthy topic in the beauty world. Which is a little ironic, considering that the science itself has been around for over 5,000 years. A system of natural healing that originated in India, Ayurveda is designed to balance the body through the right diet, routine, and skin-care system

Ayurvedic products are the beauty world’s best-kept secret to date.  Amla [or Indian gooseberry], for example, which is in our face products, has 20 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange, so it’s a powerful antioxidant that can brighten and protect the skin.”

Part of what makes Ayurvedic beauty products so powerful is that all of the ingredients have to actually be edible.  It’s really an inside-out view to health and beauty. We view our products as little elixirs of life—the bottles are literally alive, and thriving with cosmic energy.

Why the recent boom?.  The philosophy aligns with the beliefs of many people, Ayurveda is a sister practice to yoga and it’s really about keeping your body in balance, so why not nurture your skin with a philosophy that nurtures your wellness?”

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In my experience, prescription drugs can ‘manage’ skin conditions but cannot offer a long-term cure. Exquis Ultra Moisturizer provides that alternative. ~Hanna Rice

Anyone suffering from dry skin – or skin ailments in general – knows that this is a bedeviling condition. Dermatitis causes considerable discomfort from extreme dryness and itching, and can be quite unsightly as skin becomes raw, scaly or inflamed. The search for solution to this persistent problem can be a long one. Dermatologists often admit that there is not much that can be done to confront conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. In my experience, prescription drugs can ‘manage’ skin conditions but cannot offer a long-term cure. This is a frustrating prognosis: patients are left with little choice but to use drugs for extended periods or risk the return of their symptoms. What is needed is alternative that controls symptoms without the adverse side effects that drugs incur. Exquis Ultra Moisturizer provides that alternative.

I noticed a significant improvement in eczema symptoms while using Exquis: the cream immediately calmed irritated skin, and after only a few uses my skin became moister and areas of redness and dryness disappeared. These rapid results were better than any prescription I had tried, not least because Exquis products are plant based, and contains none of the ingredients that carry a risk for harmful side effects. They are worth exploring for anyone who is searching for an alternative method for treating pernicious skin ailments.
~Hanna Rice

Even The Rain…

I recently saw “Even the Rain” starring Gael García Bernal and Luis Tosar. It’s an amazing look at the making of a movie in Boliva through exploitation of the local population, who are in the midst of an uprise against the privatization of their water supply by large multi-nationals. The locals are forced to pay for their water, which the cannot afford. The irony of making their film about about Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the New World and the subjugation of the locals on the backdrop of the current water crisis makes for a very heart-felt concern for this beautiful Bolivian population.

Not a lot of urban free radical skin damage on their beautiful faces; however, it should cause one to pause when you reach for that fancy bottle of imported agua with a pretty label on it. Please be conscious about what you are supporting; your dollars speak loudly.

Water is Earth’s gift and is necessary for survival. It should be given freely, and not capitalized upon.

Our skin is made of about 90% water, so it is absolutely essential to drink plenty of water to maintain the normal functioning of all internal organs including the largest, our skin. Water helps to detoxify and revitalize the body and give us more energy. So, drink plenty of water – at least four sixteen ounce glasses per day.

If you don’t’ like drinking water, try this. Upon awakening, drink a tall glass of water without giving it a second thought. Do this after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner. Continue this and you will find that you will begin to enjoy it and actually crave it. It worked for me!

Here’s to feeling beautiful in your skin!

Ayurveda for Beauty

So, the practice of Ayurveda, which is the the holistic system of a balanced lifestyle and philosophy of healing the body and mind through meditation, yoga, diet, and select herbs, has been around for at about 5,000 years.

Ayurveda means life science, and is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Ayur” means life and “Veda” mean science or knowledge.

Since Ayurveda is a far-reaching holistic approach to wellness, I do not want to sound like an expert by any means, so I would like to talk a bit about Ayurveda for beauty.

When someone says, “You look great”, they, knowingly or not, are referring to your skin. And who doesn’t like to hear that they look great, right? It immediately makes us feel more confident.

Ayurveda says that our skin is a mirror to our health. The inner physiological functions directly affect the beauty and tone of our skin. So, diet, consumption of water, and treatment with Ayurvedic herbs, both topically and internally, will positively affect our skin’s beauty.

Let’s take a look at these herbs.

Aloe Vera – great skin healer for burns, and sores. It is an excellent skin softening agent and anti-inflammatory. Aloe Vera removes damaged skin and replaces it with new cells. It promotes cell regeneration and is a detoxifier.

Basil – A stimulator that helps with absorption. It’s oxygenating and an antioxidant, an anti-aging agent, and is high in Vitamins A and C, and phytonutrients.

Chamomile – Contains the essential oil azulene. It is skin calming, soothing, and an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helpS to prevent blemishes as well as helping stop deterioration of cells that lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Evening Primrose – contains Omega 6 essential fatty acid and gamma- linolenic acid. Beneficial for skin ailments such as eczema, and psoriasis, and roseacea.

Jasmine – arguably one of the finest aromatics on the planet, Jasmine is an astringent and cooling agent. Jasmine contains salicylic acid and is a good cleansing agent as well as helps to heal skin abrasions.

Neem – Known as the tree that purifies, it has more than 100 unique bioactive compounds. A purifier that is very effective with acne, eczema, and psoriasis. A Very effective antiseptic

Sandalwood – Besides being a great base note in many perfumes, Sandalwood enhances skin complexion, is an anti-acne agent and is used as a treatment for dry skin. It’s also an excellent anti-aging complex.

Turmeric – a natural healer for skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dry skin, and psoriasis. It helps to naturally slow the appearance of aging and restore youth. Decreases the formation of deep creases and wrinkles. Evens skin tone and color.

Now these are just a few of the many Ayurvedic herbs that promote a balance Ayurvedic life style. The herbs listed above are proven extremely effective in the development and maintenance of healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin.

Do you have any comments, suggestions, or experiences with Ayurvedic herbs to share?

That’s all for now…

Here’s to feeling beautiful in your skin!